Rolex – Racing with Time

Antique pocket watch and wrist watches are being more and more popular among the watch collectors, for its collection, it is not only a collection of nostalgia, or a collection of the historical art. In numerous brands, Rolex with its features of being unique grave, practical and does not show the gaudy delicate design, are very popular among collectors.

As far back as 1905, German Hans was in collaboration with the British davies in London opened “B&W” company, which is “rolex” predecessor of the company. In Switzerland in 1908, Hans in Swiss La Chaux-de-Fonds registered the trademark “Rolex”, “B&W” then was changed into “Rolex”. Maybe they never thought this name is now becoming one of the world’s top ten watches brands. In 1914 and 1915, rolex continuously acquired the walking time precise class A certificate awarded by the observatory. And in the future 15 years, rolex has been in a leading position with the accurate walking time and the strict testing.

Rolex invented pilot watches in 1955, so that people in different time zones can measure the precise time. In that same year, rolex developed diving watches for deep-sea divers, its waterproof depth can be 100 meters. In the era of mechanical watches in last century, rolex has always been a global watch industry leader. Today, the outstanding craft and technology still make the rolex keep leading in the watch industry. When choosing the Rolex watch now, if you have no idea which one to buy, you can consider the Rolex Yacht-master watch that was launched in the 2015 Basel, and on the watch pointers and large hour marks on the watch dial, there are coated with the blue CHROMALIGHT coating, which makes the time much more readable in the dark environment. And the rose gold material makes this watch look much more luxurious.

Appreciation on the Innovation and Breakthrough of the Watches in SIHH

ROLEX Yacht-Master II 116680 – 78210 watch – Function Masterpiece evolution

Under the professional performance of rolex watch series, recently until 1992 the Rolex for the first time launched the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master wrist watch, not only embodied that the rolex was closely linked with nautical sports, but also it was the first oyster professional watch that had three sizes including 29mm, 35mm or 40 mm. Today, ROLEX Yacht-Master popular watch models also include 40mm and 35 mm, and respectively equipped with the Swiss observatory certification (COSC) 3135 and 3135 type automatic mechanical movement developed and manufactured by Rolex, therefore is quite good for men and women to select as the couple watches.

IWC Portuguese calendar watch – The starting point of the new generation homemade movement

In order to further expand the development in the field of homemade movement, the IWC announced in the next few years, gradually promotes new three homemade movements series. This year coincides with the 75th anniversary of the advent of the Portuguese series, naturally became the first ideal platform of this project. This IWC Portuguese calendar watch come with the first 52850 movement which is the first movement in the new 52000 movement series, is precisely the brand the best starting point of the new generation homemade movement project, also let this watch whose function is not extremely complicated have the opportunity to become the focus of attention in the watch industry this year.

Features of this IWC watch in detail are as follows: 18K rose gold or stainless steel watch case in the diameter of 44.2mm, hour hand, minute hand, small second hand, 7 days power storage, calendar function, 52852 automatic winding movement, sapphire crystal glass mirror and case back bottom, waterproof depth of 30 meters, crocodile leather strap and 18 k rose gold or stainless steel folding clasp.

The Heirtageof Chronograph-TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage WAS2114.BA0732

Speaking of Tag heuer, what we have to mention is the Carrera series as a majority people are familiar with it. since it rolled out its first chronograph in 1963, it has gone through rough 50 years, and the most typical one is the 1887 chronometer. Since its debut, Carrera has been updating its category and rolled out new watches. All of them are the results of chronograph and it is far more tedious than we could imagine. This series has the fundamental type, GMT, jewelry type and other types. What we brings to you is the Carrera Heritage Calibre WAS2114.BA0732, a typical one. Although it has other siblings, but Carrera Heritage Calibre WAS2114.BA0732 has a comparatively agreeable price.

Carrera Heritage means the inheriting the brand culture and tradition as well as the characters. It has bold likes but keeps a lo-profile on its appearance. Heritage is prone to be a business type and this one, the Carrera Heritage Calibre WAS2114.BA0732 is more of a business type. After polishing, the stainless steel touches very smoothly and reflects like a mirror. The case is delicate, too, as the lugs are cut from multiple side. The 39mm case gives most of its space to the dial. The black dial has Flinque pattern on it, so the setting of those dial radiates a gentlemen style. But the pity is that no luminous materials is applied to the watch so you may have little trouble reading time in a dark situation.

Heuer Carrera Heritage is a big branch of the Carrera series which make up the gap of Carrera in business style and provide more options for mass with its simple style and low-profile appearance. Carrera Heritage Calibre WAS2114.BA0732 is new one and similar to the peers, but minor changes on the color, material and size make them different and better.