Adult Animal Kimono Costume – Perfect For Halloween

There are two great choices for adult animal kigurumi. The first is the traditional pattern of a small animal with a human suit or dress. This has become more popular than ever, and it is easy to find online costume stores that offer these options. The problem is that this is pretty limiting because it leaves out a lot of women and children who do not want to fit into a suit. In addition, it does not offer many sizes and options.

Adult Animal Kimono Costume - Perfect For Halloween
A better option for adult animal kigurumi costumes is the Sleepwear Japanese Kimono Collection by JoJo Designs. This is a really cute costume that is made of 100% cotton. It features beautiful floral prints, cute little kimono style skirts, and a bodice that have ruffles. Plus, there are cute ear cuffs and a collar.

The other adult animal costume is the plus size penguin costume by Sleepwear Japan. These adorable penguins come in black and white with blue eyes and pink stripes on their pink bodies. They have wings that are flippers and a very cute looking head that is easy to make. You can also get their traditional pants that come in gray, pink, and black. These pants are often used as sleepwear Japanese kigurumi cosplay pajamas for the characters from Sleepy Hollow and Kamisama anime.

The most unique-looking animal kigurumi ensemble is the bunny costume. Yes, you can find bunny ears, a tail, a hat, and cute little shoes. This is great for cosplayers who like to dress up as cute animals, but they don’t want to go as far as wearing a skirt and wearing some stockings. These cute bunny feet that cover the back of your legs look great when you wear your bunny costume with your fishy cosplay outfit. The bottom half of the body looks just like a pair of baby bunny feet, so you look cute and furry at the same time.

These are two of the adult animal kigurumi costumes that are available There are also several other animal kimono styles that are available, including the otter costume, chicken kimono, and frog kimono. There are many styles that are sure to fit your style. You can transform your favorite animal into its own special adult kimono by adding these adorable little outfits.

You can shop online for your animal kigurumi costume. The quality of these costumes is fantastic, and the prices are right. You will love the fact that it is so affordable. You will have fun transforming your favorite animal into one of these wonderful kimonos. You and your friends will be amazed at the great job that these kimonos do in matching your clothing, and your hairstyle!