Adult Halloween Onesies – Sexy and Cool Looking Sippers

Adult Halloween onesies are a unique, inexpensive and versatile way to dress up this Halloween. From pin up girls to sweet princesses, these adorable costume accessories let you explore all the possibilities for your Halloween costume. From fishnet stockings to lollipops, adult lilias or stitch angels, there are lots of cute costumes to choose from this year! Let’s explore the different costume options that are available for this Halloween:

 Adult Halloween Onesies - Sexy and Cool Looking Sippers
*Lilips: The cutest adult costume this year is the lilo from Animal World Artistry. You can choose from over 60 different lillipops in pink, purple unicorn bathrobe green, yellow & even hot pink! Each character comes with their own outfit and special “stretchy” tail accessory. This animal themed lilo has a scoop neck, a soft plush tummy, a smiling face and a cute little tail! There are adult versions of the Baby Bear, Candy Bear, Foofa, Piggy in Pink, and even a pirate version!

*Candy Apple Sours: These candy lollipops come in a variety of colors, including hot pink, dark orange, light pink & even chocolate brown! Candy Apple Sours comes with an adorable animal shaped headpiece & two different body patterns to choose from. The “Mystery Candy” headpiece has a built in light & sound feature & also comes with two detachable ears.

*Furreal Friends “Furreal Friends Deluxe” Adult Costume: This adult ensemble is perfect for any type of Halloween or just because! This furreal pet costume comes in two styles – the “regular”, long sleeved top & bottom worn with a matching sweater or dress, or the “deluxe”, sleeveless, tank top style shirt & pants worn with the matching sweater or dress. Both styles have an attached elastic waist belt to make sure that your waist is held up as you dress!

*Slimeriders “Chicks” Adult Halloween Sippers: This unique looking lollipop will surely become an overnight favorite. “Chicks” come in a variety of colors including white, black & red. One of the most striking features of “Chicks” is their distinct color variations – each “chick” is a different color with varying patterns, as well as a wide array of “sides” to choose from. “Chicks” can be worn with almost anything… apart from jeans, of course!

Adult Halloween onesies are a great way to dress up and get in the mood for trick or treating. Let your animal themed self confidence shine by slipping into one of these lollipops. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood – or just passing out from your friends. Who knows? You might even catch the attention of those cute trick or treaters!