Onesie Halloween Costumes – The Best Onesie Costume of 2009

No matter what you do on this big event s Halloween the kids onesie costume is always a good choice and one that you definitely will not regret. Here are just a few of top onesie Halloween costumes for adults to rock this Halloween and beyond. Enjoy these sexy onesie Black Friday costumes and good luck! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Sure you know that the classic Jack Sparrow pirate is the most popular Halloween costume but do you know that the sexy ones pirate costume also make a great costume? The top quality onesie Halloween costumes come with a black body stocking, white shirt and a pair of adult white pants. All you need to add is a mask and you have a very sexy pirate costume. You will look great in your new pirate Halloween costume and no one will know the difference except you!

What about the classic sailor onesie Halloween costumes? Yes, they may be boring but they still have their place in the Halloween costume Halloween costume’s line up. The dress is usually a skirt with a halter top. Yes, you can find some really nice onesies that have a sailor style skirt and a halter top along with the classic ones striped socks.

For a more grown-up Halloween obese adults costume you can try the classic gold onesie ones and yes they come in a variety of colors. With the gold onesie adult ones you can choose from the classic yellow to the red. No matter which onesie type you choose, you can bet it will be the best Halloween ones you have ever owned!

If you are looking for a costume for women or girls that will really catch the eye you should consider the costume known as the Silver Lillie. This costume has been around since 1958 and it is fun and flirty to wear. In this costume you will dress in a silver, lily white, and lavender color petticoat top and a matching lavender colored Jean skirt. Then you can add on a black high heel shoes for a super cool fashion statement. The best part about the silver Lilly baby costume is the little bow that comes up the back of the dress. No other costume really brings out that nice feminine flair like this one does.

No matter what one’s costumes you decide to go with this Halloween be sure to pick out something that you will love and look great. As women and girls we all know what it’s like to be outside during Halloween and to be dressed up so it is very important to make sure you have an awesome costume to pull of this trick. There are many types of onesie’s to choose from so you are guaranteed to find the one that is right for you. Go ahead and enjoy Halloween and the special occasions that come along with it. Have fun!