Resident Evil 2 Claire Cosplay Costume Guide

Whether you are a game fan or a movie fan, I think “Resident Evil” is an irreplaceable classic game in your mind. The film is loved by enthusiasts all over the world because of its intertwined plot and realistic effects.

As the hostess of “Resident Evil”, Claire Redfield has naturally become the goddess in most people’s minds, and the object of most people competing for role playing.

Claire Redfield is the younger sister of Chris Redfield, a cheerful and curious female college student. In Resident Evil, she was portrayed as a beautiful, gentle, and strong woman. Her self-defense skills and shooting ability were taught by his brother Chris. Her strong character makes her face all kinds of problems.

If you want to play Claire, we have chosen some clothes in this area to give you some suggestions.

Black base long sleeve

Due to the material of the jacket, in order to make you more comfortable to wear, black basic long sleeves can increase comfort and layering. Of course, you can also find a black vest, because it is used for the bottom, so there is not much difference on the surface.

Blue skinny jeans

In the movie, Claire needs to fight often with villains, so comfortable pants are an important part. When choosing a pair of pants, pay attention to its elasticity so that you can move freely without hindrance.

Red coat

The short pu leather material of the jacket looks very skilled, and the short design will have longer legs than normal clothes. The clothes are slightly slim, easy to fight, and can also show a better figure.


Accessories include belts, holsters and holsters on the outside of the thighs for storing guns for quick removal.

Black boots

Boots are usually lighter and resistant to dirt. You can buy it at the Resident Evil 2 Claire Cosplay costume store.

This is a woman with extraordinary willpower and courage. Through your playing her, you can deeply understand your role. I also hope that this role-play is more than just a fashion show, so you can really appreciate its true meaning.

Okay, relax, now put on cosplay costumes and shine at the party!

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